Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Email Scams Abound In Era Of Bush Justice Department

Anyone who owns a computer has to be disgusted that each day their Email inbox is filled with Email scams and phish Emails that are part of identity theft scams. These form of electronic crimes have become a huge growth industry under the inept Justice Department, mismaged first by John Ashcroft and now by Alberto Gonzales, whose only real job qualification is a friendship with George Bush.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, the number of these criminal scams continue to grow, yet the Justice Department is absolutely inept at bringing to justice these scams that steal billions from Americans every year.

In Florida, a major Cuban cocaine dealer was well known for operating about 20 different scams including phony credit card, automobile club, health care and other frauds. He eventually was arrested for cocaine dealing, however the Bush Justice Department allows his scam enterprises to continue to function despite complaints that probably number in the thousands by now. These phony businesses routinely rob persons of bank funds and offer virtually nothing in return.

Circuitmicro, a company that claims to sell computers and merchandise on credit, uses the Internet to extract funds from the bank accounts of unsuspecting persons who merely apply for company credit. This scam operates from a second floor small office suite, yet claims to be an "industry leader". There is no room for major warehousing of computers, stereos, DVD players, big screen TVs, etc. in this small second floor office. It is a scam that has drawn many posted complaints on the Internet, including those who paid as much as much as $800 for merchandise and who claim to have received nothing so far.

Unwanted Email spams are sent to millions of Email addresses each day, some offering links to material that purports to offer sexual content of children as young as 5 years old. Yet instead of a Bush Justice Department crackdown on these child molester criminal Websites, Alberto Gonzales is diverting attention from prosecution of these deviant child molestors and instead concentrating efforts to use the full weight of the Justice Department and FBI to go after adult entertainment Websites that are intended solely for consenting adults. Gonzales is obsessed that some may be finding solitary sexual gratification with such sleazy adult entertainment, while the far worse crime of the sexual abuse of children too young for even grade school is openly tolerated and ignored by the Bush Justice Department. Congress even earmarked funding to be spent to attack adult entertaiment this year, after the Janet Jackson political hysteria they created from the Superbowl incident, while crimes against young children are ignored and even tolerated by both Congress and the Bush Administration.

Fake Ebay phish scams are another popular criminal target. Almost anyone who has ever sold a single unwanted household item on Ebay, soon finds the security of the Ebay network so lacking in security, that on a daily basis phish Emails to update credit card numbers are filling their Email inboxes. Again the Bush Justice Department is asleep on the job.

And the "Nigerian widow letter" is another popular Email scam, in which a supposed widow from Nigeria needs to deposit funds in an American bank account for some crazy legal reason, and earnest money must be put up by the duped.

Email scams and Emails that link to claimed child sexual content are a major growth industry under the Bush Justice Department. Just like FEMA, where the inept friend of Bush, Michael Brown, whose only real qualification was that of an attorney for the International Arabian Horse Association, John Ashcroft's only real qualification was that he was such a poor senator that he could not defeat a dead candidate on the ballot, and was a partisan GOP favorite. And Alberto Gonzales is merely a Texas attorney pal of Bush, another friend wholly unqualified to serve as the top justice official for the U.S.

Just like Katrina was a disaster, many face daily disaster as crooks are allowed by the inept Bush Adminstration to steal billions from bank accounts, credit cards, identity theft and other criminal acts. It's too bad the U.S. does not have a vote of no confidence like other states. This Bush Administration needs quick replacement, and the next administration has their work cut out to repair all the damage to America this inept administration has caused. Compared to almost any Presidential administration, this Bush one is pure amateur night stuff.


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