Thursday, July 14, 2005

Warning: The Bush Administration, Big HMOs, The Supreme Court And Big Tobacco May Be Hazardous To Your Health!

A new report now notes that Americans are paying 50% more for health care than the next world nation Switzerland. This is a depressing note and means that far more must be done to reduce both the cost access to these services. In the last year Bush, tried to promote the notion that malpractice lawsuits are the cause of high health care costs, but the report has proven this to be untrue. And The U.S. Supreme Court has even limited the right of users of HMO services to demand services that they need from HMOs, but HMOs refuse to pay for because of costs. And more and more mega-employers such as Wal-Mart have less jobs that offer health care benefits to the employees they have.

The Bush Administration uses the Justice Department and the Supreme Court to limit client access to health care services from their HMO. Big employers offer less jobs with health care insurance benefits. Congress may limit malpractice suits in the Republican controlled agenda. And Americans pay 50% more for health care than the next nation, Switzerland. For all sides more and more Americans are hard pressed when they require health care services, and many are forced into seeking public health care and social welfare provided services at taxpayer expense, which are sometimes under state and local budget constraints or facing cuts. Health care is a basic human right. It is an endangered right.


In another health care issue. The FDA will today consider removing several inhalers from the market that people suffering from asthma rely on, because a few persons have had counter-productive side effects on the muscle reaction of the lung muscles. On one hand the FDA is deciding on this issue involving asthma inhalers, on the other hand the FDA has been rendered powerless to regulate tobacco as a drug by the Supreme Court. It is very often the lung damage caused by secondhand tobacco smoke in public places that often causes asthma in nonsmokers. Many persons including children who were never previously diagnosed to have asthma, have developed asthma because of repeated exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke and this starts a process of steady lung problems and eventual death.

Tobacco companies and smokers are given rights to injure and kill children and adults vy creating asthma and other lung conditions, yet the FDA is powerless to regulate this harmful product which contains 4,700 poisons and nicotine drug. And more than 600 substances may be added to cigarettes which emit heavy metals such such as nickel, cadmium, as well as tar. Eugenol is used in cigarettes to numb the throats of smokers so they cannot feel the damaging effects of cigarette smoke, but nonsmokers are not given the same protection, as secondhand smoke contains more damaging tar due to cooling effects of air, but are not "throat numbed" by the smoke and instead receive nasty sore throats, sinus burning and lung injury. The smoker is drugged not to recognize the damage being caused, but the nonsmoker receives some worse dangers and health consequences than the smoker. And some additives allow the smoker's lung to absorb more nicotine drug and cause lung dilation. But the nonsmoker, especially those with asthma or who are allergic to secondhand cigarette smoke suffer dramaticly less ability to breath, and require an inhaler or emergency room medical services or may face death in some serious circumstances.

Warning: Big business, big HMOs, big tobacco, the Bush Administration, the Justice Department and the Supreme Court may be hazardous to your health!


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