Saturday, July 09, 2005

State Sponsored Terrorism Linked To Many States

The U.S. "War On Terrorism" is not entirely an honest effort. The U.S. like many states who wish to further their foreign policy or political goals sometimes allow terrorist organizations to fundraise, create cells or even receive official state support. In the case of the organization that operated in Britain, it is probably a small group within the large Islamic community in that country. A full 13% of Britain's Islamic community is so radical that they voice support for the 9/11 attack against America in a recent poll. Britain has maintained enough of a free society that a large, and sometimes radical Islamic community may support goals far from what Britain officially chooses as a foreign policy path towards the Islamic world. Those that committed the terrorist attacks in London may only number a cell of 4 or 5 radicals. It is frightening that 6 bombs, of which 2 failed to detonate, and one perhaps even killed one terrorist, can cause so much damage. Some terrorism is by small cells of political extremists. Other terrorist organizations receive state support.

A feature today on Polipundit put forth the premise that because the Abu Nidal Organization received some aid from the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, that the war in Iraq was somehow justified. Yet the truth is that many states help to sponsor terrorism or allow terrorists to form cells on their soil. Abu Nidal also has received safe haven and support from Syria until at least 1987, and may still continue to receive support from Libya. The premise breaks down in that many states including the U.S. support terrorist organizations, not only by private or individual efforts, but sometimes state sponsored efforts.

A good example is the Al Qaeda organization. Al Qaeda actually has it's roots in the covert CIA war against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan that started in 1979 under Jimmy Carter and grew into a massive effort to establish, fund and train 100,000 Mujahedin fighters to battle the Soviets under the Reagan Administration. Osama Bin Laden was an agent of Saudi Arabia called to establish Mujahedin fighter camps in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, under Pakistani military intelligence, Saudi Arabian and U.S. CIA cooridinated support efforts. After the Mujahedin victory in Afghanistan, and the Taliban soon swept into power, the Al Qaeda organization turned against America in a form of Islamic fundamentalist crusade to rid the entire Islamic world of U.S. and Western influence. Many of the insurgent foreign fighter leaders in Iraq are former leaders of the antiSoviet invasion war in Afghanistan and can trace their roots to this covert CIA funded war.

An organization such as Hamas receives much support from some in Saudi Arabia. And Hezbollah continues to receive much aid from both Iran and Syria. Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya(Islamic Group, IG), the antiEgyptian government militany organization receives support from both Iran and Osama Bin Laden. Kach and Kahane Chai, the militant proIsrael organization receives financial support from radical right members of the American Jewish community. The IRA receives some support from members of the American Catholic community, and proIRA nespapers are even distributed at some Catholic churches. The Kurdistan Workers Party receives support Syria, Iran and formerly Iraq. The Palestine Islamic Jihad receives support for Iran and Syria. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine receives support from Syria and Iran.

But this state support for terror by Iran and Syria is also matched by American support for the the AntiIranian government Mujahedin-e Khalq. This organization has worked out a ceasefire fire agreement with the U.S. government, and is used by the CIA as major source of intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program. And at a recent fundrasiing event by an MEK front organization to help finance the terrorist activites of the MEK, major Bush Administration supporter, Richard Perle, acted as keynote speaker along with an address by videophone from Paris of MEK head, Maryam Rajavi. It does not seem to matter to the American government that the MEK has been involved in assassinations, rocket attacks or other violent forms of terrorism in Iran. The American government and some of it's strongest supporters like Richard Perle have found a terrorist organization they can support.

And not all state sponsored terrorism is by small criminal gangs of political thugs. In the Philippines, the U.S. offers financial assistance that is funding the murder of attorneys who aid peasants in land disputes with the corrupt Arroya government. And these funds also support the elimination of political opposition to the Arroya government.

It is not only states like Iran, Syria, Libya that offer support to terrorism, but also the United States to further any short term political or foreign policy goal it has as well. Any this presents not only the moral question that begs whether any support for terrorism isn't irrational and in the case of Al Qaeda helped to create a major threat that has turned on it's creator, the United States.

The Christian faith teaches that every person is a temple of God. And that every person should be respected as this temple of God. For terrorists to reduce any person to a mere political object to further their policy goals is both dehumanizing and evil. It is not only Iran, Syria, Libya and other states that deserve a critical view, but any U.S. support for terrorism as well. All terrorism is immoral. I doubt God could defend any aspect of terrorism no matter who sponsors it. The end simply does not justify the means.


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