Friday, July 08, 2005

The Bad News Grows

There's so much bad news in the aftermath of the London terrorism attack. Not only the 50 or more killed and the 700 or more wounded, as horrible as this is. But instead of suicide bombers like the 9/11 attackers, these London terrorists used timer launched devices and this cell,while probably only a small group operating in London, are still alive to commit more murder. No doubt they may have more devices as well. Of six devices, only four went off. The other two that failed are important evidence to solve this horrible crime, but are frightening evidence of new form of expansion of warfare by those who seek to fight the British role in Iraq.

The insurgent fighters in Iraq continue to find new ways to ratchet up the number of deaths in their attempt to oust Western influence from Iraq. Britain has a long history in Iraq, with involvement from 1917-1958 in a losing 41 year effort to impose colonial rule, so the Arab nationalist sentiments against Britain run deep. In desperate attempts to hold onto power in Iraq, Britain resorted to massive mustard gas and firebombings of entire villages in Iraq to "pacify" Iraqi nationalist resistance. In the successful 1958 revolt, Britain finally lost the grip of control and fled Iraq. Iraqi nationalists were greatly influenced by Gamel Nasser, the father of modern Arab Socialism that greatly influenced the Iraqi Baath Party movement.

From this history of cruel British colonial rule by chemical warfare and other brutal suppression in Iraq, radical Arab nationalists have a nearly century old history of anger and hate to draw on to create destruction to force Britain from Iraq once again. Yet the history of those nationalists has never been a good and democratic one. The current moderate religious dominated government in Iraq appears to be the best bet for a moderate Iraq with free elections and some level of free speech and a free economy with growth potential.

The foreign fighters and homegrown Sunni Moslem insurgents have been using a steady trend of terror ratcheting. Attacks in Iraq have grown to about 70 a day, the highest level ever. And attacks on police or military have given way to wholesale attacks on civilians in crowded market places and other areas. This week's latest escalation was the murder of the Egyptian Ambassador, and other moderate Arab state Ambassadors as well. And now the latest tactic to remove western influence from Iraq is apparently to attack civilians in London. This is ominous in that it could mean that plans for similar mass attacks on Americans could well happen here soon. This means that the battlefield in Iraq is now being expanded to include British and American mainstreets. This is a frightening trend of war escalation.

Despite any past cruel conduct of the British colonial rulers from 1917-1958, there is absolutely no justification for violence against British civilians in 2005 for this, or for the current Iraq War. A very disturbing photo was of a woman with a full face bandage with both eyes bandaged. Is this someone's loving grandmother or mother? Is she badly burned or even blinded by this evil? This sort of evil has the handprint of the Devil all over it. Only completely decadent evil would injure someone's kindly and loving grandmother, mother or wife. But this is the face of bad news. Each time Israel and the PLO would seek an major agreement, more radical elements would seek to disrupt the talks with violence. And during the G8 Summit, this is how a small group of radicals seek to assert themselves as an equal power.

The people of Iraq, Britain and the U.S. deserve prayer and help from God. This London event is a definate example of spiritual evil from principalities of darkness. Without this much help from evil, it is hard to imagine some men becoming so evil on their own. It is difficult to imagine men can be that evil of their own accord without help.


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