Monday, May 30, 2005

The Significant French Vote On The EU

The French vote to turndown membership in the EU treaty organization is a very significant event. So far it appears that both France and Britain may both reject membership in this organization where as many as 25 European states are interested in membership. This leaves Germany as far and away the most powerful player in this organization. This is also very significant. Since the 1950's some Bible scholars such as Herbert Armstrong and others have predicted based on the book of Revelation that a described union of "ten horns" united under some religious authority will replace the United States as the most powerful superpower in the world.

In older times, another great German leader ruled Europe under auhority of the Pope, Charlemagne. And history tends to repeat itself, especially in Europe. And Germany has also had a major influence on Europe twice in the last century, first in WWI and then again in the far worst WWII in which Germany sought to expand it's influence on the world. During WWI, Pope Benedict XV sought to have influence over Germany and Europe to prevent this conflict. He sought to heal differences between modernist, traditionist and Orthodox church breaches, and unite a strong European church as well as exert political influence in Europe. Now a new German born Pope, Bendict XVI is in a similar position, attempting to exert influence in Europe as a new power union in Europe is forming. And without the possible strong states of France and Britain possiby not involved in the union, it clears the path for Germany to unite states in Europe behind it, gather religious authority much like Charlemagne for another powerful German rulership and dominance of Europe.

It is significant that while some Moslem states such as Turkey are interested in EU membership, it has been the Vatican deeply opposed to adding any Moslem states in this European union that will become a Christian counterUnited States in Europe. The Vatican is firm in resurrecting the role of a European power in which it exerts great influence and authority. Yet the history of Europe is simply been one of war and conflict. There has been no peace in Europe. A counterUnited States is no solution to world peace. In fact European foreign policy has been far more troubled than the American foreign policy.

Both nationalist elements in Britain and France have opposed EU membership. In Britain, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is deeply concerned that rather than integrating Germany into Europe, the EU treaty instead forms an union of Europe onto a strong Germany. And in France, students, communists and even the far right right, all oppose the many ways in which a connection to a strong union which would mean German dominance of this union will weaken French identity. And while both France and Germany seek to act as a new superpower counter to the U.S., they seek ways to exert a foreign policy at odds with American interests.

In Yugoslavia after the breakup of communism, Germany sought to pry away Croatia as a near satellite state of Germany. Yet this had a disasterous effect, as it created a ghastly war of "ethic cleansing" against Moslems in Bosnia and conflict in Kosovo. From the early days of the rule of Europe by the Ottoman empire, which brought the Moslem faith to much of Europe, some pockets of Moslem faith remained. The war to "ethic cleanse" parts of the former Yugoslavia was a reopenning of this ages old conflict. And the disasterous war that Germany created by promoting the breakup of Yugoslavia led to American involvement in this region, and a short bombing war and U.N. peacekeeping in Kosovo to prevent any further "ethnic cleansing" of Moslems in this region. The larger state of Yugoslavia has strong Orthodox faith religious and other ties to Russia, while Croatia for example now has a national anthem that praises Germany.

And in the MidEast, both France and Germany have displayed much independence with economic ties to both Iran and Iraq, and a strong opposition to American policy in the region. Yet this independence has meant that French nuclear wares have been sold to Iran, and along with Russia, France will be a major reason that Iran will probably have the atomic bomb soon, as Iran with 10% of the world's oil energy resources somehow falsely contends that nuclear work is needed for energy development. Yet the same nuclear enrichment path that could be used for peaceful nuclear power potential work, can also be easily turned into nuclear weapons production. French, German and Russian foreign policy may be in great opposition to U.S. goals, yet it has only worsened the situation in both Iran and Iraq. And while the U.S. foreign and military policy could stand huge room for maturity, especially in the Bush years, it has felt compelled to "clean up" European messes created in the MidEast.

The United States is a declining world power though. Bush and his core of supporters are like a bunch of aloof Imperial Americanists, who blindly believe in some greatness of the U.S. to solve all world problems, often through the base means of militarism, while the economic base of America erodes. The strong emerging economy of China takes a greater toll on American manufacturing jobs each month, and Japan, China and South Korea actually keep the American government solvent by being the holders of billions and billions of dollars in bonds held by banks from Japan, South Korea and now China. America has an eroding economy in a state of regression, while the large economy of Germany and a possible union of 400 million persons versus the smaller union of America, means that America is reaching a twilight time as the major superpower in the world. And without the competing influence of Britain or France in this possible union, Germany becomes the most dominate player in Europe once again.

Shortly before the end of WWII, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin discussed the sectioning of Germany after the allied victory into British, American, French and Russian sectors to prevent any future effort of a strong Germany to create problems in Europe. But as the Soviet Union decided to hold half of the country, America allowed a stronger half to remain free and assisted the rebuilding of this part. When the Berlin Wall fell, Germany concentrated on rebuilding the Eastern sector, which seemed to be no more advanced than the 1950's compared to the modern Western sector. Now Germany seeks to add more influence in Europe, and once again become a dominant world power. And the book of Revelation makes it clear that this superpower will not rule peacefully, it will involve itself in the worst war of mankind. And with the deeply flawed foreign policy and the steady weakening of American influence under Bush, it is not at all difficult to see these serious peacerobbing events very possible.

Unfortunately both the U.S. and Europe have dellusional foreign policy goals in the world. Bush has greatly accelerated the decline of the American economy and of American clout in the world. And the proposal of John Bolton, who does not work at all well with others, makes the U.S. possiby a marginalized player in the 191 member U.N. The path seems clear for Germany to unite a strong union in Europe under it's dominate economy and political influence to form a European superstate. And the warned of events of world war this superpower will cause as it unites "ten horns" under the religious blessing of the church in Europe means a new empire much like Charlemagne, and adds real concreteness to foretold events in the book of Revelation. WWI and WWII were disgusting displays of the immaturity of Europe to rule itself an orderly and peaceful manner. Soon the worst is yet to come as Europe gains more power to rob peace from mankind. The vote in France is significant as another step towards this powerful new German dominated European superpower as the U.S. power in the world wanes as the American right wing weaken America from within. Abraham Lincoln predicted that America would be destroyed not from outside of America, but from within America. And the right wing cult that surrounds the Bush core represents a significant downturn for America that will open the path for the new power in Europe to replace America, but with even worst world peacerobbing results.


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Edgar said...

The only way for the EU to wreak massive havock on its enemies is for it to wage war. No matter how economically or politically powerful the EU may come to be, militarily, it is no match for the United States. Also, if Russia feels threatened, remember that it possesses the only nuclear arsenal capable of vanquishing the US of A from the map. . . the EU would be left utterly defenseless (unless America came to its aid).

I feel the real threat is the rising military power of the Chinese.

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