Saturday, May 28, 2005

Evil In Gresham

In a nearly all white neighorhood in Gresham, Oregon, a perfectly peaceful Black family owns a home. This is a neighborhood where all the residents respect their homes. And the Black family are no exception to this intense pride in their property. And this family with a small girl are well liked in the neighorhood.

Today, the little Black girl found a horrible site no little child should have to witness. Someone entered this family's yard and deliberately hung her small pet dog from a tree just like an old time lynching. This is apparently meant to be some sort of a racist message to this family.

Words cannot describe the evil in the heart of persons who do such disordered acts of violence and murder. In oregon, this person faces 5 years in prison for animal abuse as well as possible hate crime prosecution if the police and prosecutor so see this violent act. But any person who commits such an act has filled their heart with so much of the devil, that their heart and mind oozes nothing but evil now. It is hoped that God will bring justice to this evil person. And as a vegan who respects animals as a partner to man, any abuse of animals is an act that brings disgust to me. This decent family should never have been so victimized by such evil. God bless and heal their broken hearts, and especially that of the little girl without her cute little pal of a small dog.


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