Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Gort! Klaatu Barada Nikto!"

In maybe the best SciFi film of the 1950's, "The Day The Earth Stood Still", this classic dialog to Gort, the giant policeman robot were uttered, "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!". Gort was assigned to keep the peace with the power to use his death ray to punish a lawbreaker. Gort and an astronaut from another world came to warn earth about the threat to peace this planet made in the universe with so many nuclear arms and fearsome weapons to destroy mankind or others in the universe as well. The giant policeman Gort came both as a bodyguard for the space traveler, as well as an enforcer robot against a lawless and primitive earth bent on weapons development and mutually assured destruction.

In the same way a few voices of wisdom argue about the ability of mankind to walk a step too far down the path of destructive weapons. In Iran for example, some religious clerics are arguing that for Iran to develop nuclear arms would be a gross violation of the laws of the Koran regarding taking innocent life. Yet other clerics more involved with the state seek such arms, as an attempt to push the nuclear envelop to the brink with the world community. And in North Korea, where the word of Kim Jong Il is virtually the divine word, no Gort voice restrains against going a step too far down the nuclear path. And China whose massive trade with the U.S. has funded six new naval destroyers added to the People's Liberation Army Navy in the last few months, armed with nuclear cruise missiles designed to kill American aircraft carriers with 100% mortality of all navy personel on board. The only Gort voice not to take weapons to this level is the hugh volume of trade with the U.S. If not for this, tension over Taiwan may well force such a conflict with the U.S.

And with the U.S. Administration, a new plan to weaponize space is now being promoted. Despite spending $100 billion over the last 22 years in failed antiballistic missiles weapons experiments, Donald Rumsfeld, Bush and other "true believers" now want to commit America to space weapons that exceed known science and technology limitations. One proposed weapon, the so-called "Rods From God", would hurl uranium cylinders from space at 7,200 miles an hour creating a nuclear bomb blast type destruction. Another system would use radio waves to act as a destructive weapon on earth objects. Another system seems designed after the "death star" from Star Wars films. It would involve a satellite series of mirrors in space reflecting deadly laser beams on earth targets.

The Bush Administration claims to be greatly "God" inspired when politically advantageous, yet has rejected every plea from religious leaders such as the Pope not to get involved in Iraq and destablize the MidEast region. And this pseudoreligious administration brushes off all other legitimate relgious leader calls for restraint in military affairs that could destablize the world. No one in the Bush Administration remembers how the Vietnam destablized the entire IndoChina region, and left Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia all with Communist governments. In both Zechariah and Ezekiel books of the Holy Scriptures, the grave dangers of world war to develop in the MidEast between Israel and Persia(Iran) are clearly stated. Yet this pseudoreligious regime in Washington seems little concerned of these dangers. The voice of the Pope and other leaders are like the Gort voice, warning of military restraint, but are little heeded. During an election it is seen as important to proclaim faith in God, but then ignore the religious community the rest of the year. Just like cheap grace, there is cheap faith.

And with the American world reputation rapidly sinking with embarrassing prison photos and stories from the MidEast and the American sector of Cuba, the Moslem world becomes more and more convinced of the U.S. as the "Great Satan", while little is done to rehabilitate this tattered image that is broadening the conflict between the U.S. and the Islamic world.

There is no widely accepted and universal "Gort" voice to rein in all sides from all nations not to speed towards some nuclear situation that will clearly get out of hand in the probable near future. Unfortunately, Gort is simply SciFi.


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