Saturday, March 31, 2012


Comic great Rowan Atkinson is back with his greatly improved satire on the James Bond genre spy films, which plays clever homage to so many cliché moments in the Bond series, that you'll howl with laughter at his outrageous send-up moments. Rowan Atkinson seems to be channeling the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, in an absurdist fashion that's simply a laugh. And the comic scene in the casino where English is supposed to make contact with another agent seems like a perfect parody of some moments from CASINO ROYALE as well Bond films.

While fans of MR. BEAN might miss the higher level of physical comedy from that series, Rowan Atkinson still manages to draw just the right balance between outrageous physical comedy and creating a skillful parody of a James Bond type spy thriller. The result is hilarious.

The music soundtrack even seems to suggest a James Bond film at moments, and offers a decent accompaniment to the comic send-up action on the screen.

Gillian Anderson from the X FILES plays Johnny English's boss, and the absurd scene with the cat in the office is real howl. This is a great little movie here.

The Bottom Line: What an enjoyable little homage to James Bond series this film is. My own father just loved both the James Bond series as well as MR. BEAN. He would have just loved this movie. ***(Three stars, good. Buy or rent this new DVD release today. The whole family will enjoy this movie, and like the James Bond films, you'll want to view this film again and again every so often).


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