Saturday, March 24, 2012

Robert H. Schuller Reported To Be Suffering From Dementia

Robert A. Schuller, 57, the son of the Crystal Cathedral founder, Robert H. Schuller, 85, has reported that his father has been suffering from both memory loss as well as dementia for about 10 years, which might have explained his reason for stepping down as head pastor of the church some years back. In 1991, the elder Robert Schuller suffered a life threatening head injury after he bumped his head on a car door in Europe on a speaking tour. The elder Schuller required emergency surgery to remove blood on the brain. It is not immediately known whether this old head injury is now playing a role in the claimed brain problems of the senior Robert Schuller or not.

Also, according to the younger Robert Schuller, "sibling rivalry" played the major role in the decline and fall of the Crystal Cathedral, where his sisters and brothers-in-law, didn't want to be "accountable" to him and seized power in their own self interest for their own job security, only creating financial management problems for the church that once boasted a TV audience of about 25 million worldwide. Now, no member of the Schuller family is in control of the church board and the church itself has been sold the Catholic Church in Orange California after the ministry went through bankruptcy.

The elder Robert Schuller always had a very kind expression for his son, claiming that rather than him being just a "chip off the old block", he was a "chunk". But, other reports claim that the elder Schuller was unhappy at the more Evangelistic views of his son, while the elder Schuller sought to keep the church's message much more secular and psychology based. but, religious community critics of the church long condemned the church for being a "rich man's church" and preaching a "Prosperity Gospel".


At 5:31 AM, Blogger Jan-Michael said...

How wonderful that Bobby Schuller (RVS) was willing to accept the Teaching Pastor role and 9:30 service that airs on Hour of Power! And Rev. Bobby still does Tree of Life at 11:00! Wow, I feel fortunate to get 2 services a week along with my local Sunday service & along with Tree of Life daily emails from Rev. Michael we are so Blessed.

The return of a 60 member robed choir, the Hazelwright organ so beautifully played makes for a sense that "HE has been Up to Something" as Rev. Robert Anthony Schuller wrote in his recent book ( When you are down to Nothing God is up to something).

I received a letter from HoP today noting the dementia illness of RHS and I pray he does well and Arvella & the whole family in that illness. I know as my mother and mother-in-Law have dementia illnesses. But both have come to find a sense of acceptance and happiness within the illness and all my family have different ways of coping.

Prayer and patience and Love carries all a long way on these hard roads and I know all RHS family and friends will be thinking of him and the family.

God is blessing all, always

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