Friday, November 25, 2011

Who's Really To Blame For Michele Bachmann's Ill-Advised Appearance On Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Talk Show?

Jimmy Fallon returned to NBC and took over from Conan O'Brien after O'Brien left the network in a huff because of his hurt pride after his TONIGHT SHOW ratings tanked. Jimmy Fallon has done a remarkably good job since taking over, recreating a show that's uniquely his own and very quirky. In the spirit of that quirkiness, earlier this week, also-ran presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, made a surprising, and probably ill advised appearance on the show. Certainly, as could be expected, something went wrong here.

When Bachmann walked on the stage, the band leader for the musical group, The Roots, thought it would be real funny and tongue-in-cheek to play a few instrumental notes from the controversial Fishbone song, "Lyin' Ass Bitch". Certainly, that was a poor decision and not respectful of a guest. However, Jimmy Fallon himself was respectful of her, making few jokes at her expense. But, because most people surrounding Bachmann are hardly well versed in modern hip hop culture, it only took days for her campaign to finally figure out what the instrumental's title actually was and that it was an insult of sorts. But,instead of just letting this little slight just pass, like most politicians usually always do, Bachmann made a major issue out of it, hoping to portray herself as some grand victim here, hoping that would somehow score a few points for her lagging campaign, which presently has just about 2-4% support nationally.

On her own political website. Michele Bachmann's own official campaign site, proudly proclaimed that, "Michele Bachmann Brings The Funny On Jimmy Fallon", as though she knew that that her appearance would generate some comedy value. But, she hardly played the role of good sport later, and demanded apologies from just about everyone that she could . Some others were quick to jump on this "victim card" bandwagon as well, including both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, neither of which miss any low-rent opportunity to create an issue out of practically nothing,.

Both, Jimmy Fallon and NBC offered Bachmann their apologies. And the band leader of The Roots was suspended, but a few die-hard Bachmann supporters still would like their Shakespearian "pound of flesh" from someone because of this minor incident. Bachmann continued to play up the victim card for at least two days on the issue as well. But, compared to some late night jokes about Herman Cain being some sort of sex offender, or Rick Perry being incoherent, this joke at Michele Bachmann's expense seemed rather slight by comparison.

Bachmann had to realize that her appearance on Jimmy Fallon would largely be to poke some fun at her expense. How could she not but see this? Her later indignation at the interview now reeks of an air of mock indignation more than anything. She has now largely replaced Sarah Palin as a bizarre sideshow candidate with zero chance of being elected, who only seeks out outrageous photo opportunities such as Jimmy Fallon's show to grace her own ego. That's a far cry from the more serious candidates in the race who are actually trying to get elected president.

Certainly, Jimmy Fallon's show deserves some discredit for not respecting a guest. But, someone who deliberately puts themselves in such a spot shouldn't be held entirely blameless either. Yet, Bachmann doesn't appear quite ready yet to drop this whole matter. Today, she expressed disappointment that the president of NBC didn't personally apologize to her rather than some company executive. Apparently, each day she continues to raise the bar of just what she expects in the way of a bigger and bigger apology.

Who could have ever guessed that the "queen of rage" could be so finicky?


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