Saturday, November 19, 2011

TODAY SHOW Blockbuster: Captain Blames Robert Wagner In Natalie Wood Death

Years after her Nov 29, 1981 drowning incident was ruled an accident by a coroner, the death of actress Natalie Wood is being given a second look by investigators after the captain of the yacht claimed that actor Robert Wagner did nothing to rescue the actress who had fallen in the water after a fight between the two. Further, the boat's captain, Dennis Davern also claims that Robert Wagner ordered him to do nothing to rescue Wood to "teach her a lesson". This has sparked outrage from Natalie Wood's sister, Lana Wood.

Actor Christopher Walken was also aboard the boat at the time of the tragic drowning incident, but isn't being considered a person of interest in the investigation, which seems to centering around the possible actions by others aboard the boat that tragic evening.

Captain Dennis Davern's interview on THE TODAY SHOW is now big news, and could have huge implications if the investigation moves against the conduct of any individuals actions.


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