Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rod Stewart Becomes A Las Vegas Entertainer

Critics and fans of Rod Stewart could probably see this coming all the way up Broadway! Rod Stewart has slowly transitioned himself from a hired gun rock vocalist, once working for the likes of musicians like Jeff Beck and Faces to slowly evolving into the Tony Bennett of this generation. Now, the crooner has signed an 18 date concert engagement deal with Caesars Palace to play their elegant 4,000 seat Colosseum theater with shows that range from $49-250 a seat. The evolution of Rod Stewart from rocker to easy listening vocalist to Las Vegas entertainer appears complete now. He's gone the full circle of rock life.

I'm not sure other rock singers would have gone the same route. Something tells me that a sixty something Jim Morrison wouldn't be playing Vegas. But, Rod Stewart has really loaned himself to this transition into a modern easy listening favorite. But, Stewart is hardly alone. He joins other notable rock favorites such as Celine Dion and Elton John as the latest big name rocker to grace the big lights of Vegas. All I can say is more power to this 66 year old. Go for it. Retirement age doesn't have to be bland these days.