Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Police Investigate Drug Deal Gone Wrong Beating At Former Portland Trailblazer's Home

They say once a Portland Trailblazer, always a Portland Trailblazer. And although he's been traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, troubled NBA player Zach Randolph only continues to make news for the wrong reasons. It appears that after a marijuana deal went wrong at his Clackamas County, Oregon home, a guest was brutally beaten up with pool cue. Reportedly, Police investors seized evidence from the home including blood and a pool cue.

Zach Randolph was not among the three men who assaulted the guest with the pool cue, yet it yet another violent episode associated with the NBA player who was previously suspended for breaking the eye socket of another NBA player during a 2009 game.

Despite being a high scoring player, Portland let Zach Randolph go because of his violent and troubled history, where he has gone on to become only the second all-star that the Memphis Grizzlies have had in their history.

People sometimes jokingly refer to the Portland Trailblazers as the Portland Jailblazers because of so many legal problems associated with some players. In more recent years, the management of the Portland franchise, owned by Paul Allen, has sought to clean up it's reputation. Yet, former players like Zach Randolph only continue to make undesirable news.


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