Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Never Mind Government Shutdowns, Senators Want Millions For Porn Crackdown

Uncle Sam wants to spend your hard earned tax dollars once again for yet another war on porn and masturbation, just at same time that this country looms on economic crisis. This time it's a bunch of those "Tea Party " favorite sons behind the effort(you know the type, those same old big government spending nannystate/police state type conservatives who claim to hate taxes while at the same time spending your tax dollars for every pet project imaginable!). 42 U.S. senators, mostly conservative Republicans and a few shit-for-brains Democrats, like Dianne Feinstein, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder urging investigations and prosecutions of every major producer of adult films in the United States. Wait a minute. Most major adult film companies produce content that merely depicts nudity or sexual intercourse among consenting adults, which is perfectly legal in most American communities. So why spend good money after bad to investigate perfectly legal businesses producing perfectly legal materials.

It's just as crazy as the old Sam Brownback committee days of 2005 when the senate held hearings to attack masturbation & porn. WTF? Creepy old Brownback filled the docket with a bunch of claimed masturbation and porn experts. It was an outrageous display of government out of control and proof positive that neither political party is capable of managing the country.

Some senators like Orrin Hatch(R-UT) seem to act like experts on the masturbation issue, always quick to come up with some new line of nonsense to libel the adult entertainment industry with some false accusations of harm. A guy that lies this good should have been a natural born used car dealer, you think? This Mormon-idiot even compared porn to things like "second hand smoke", as a pathetic attempt to falsely claim that looking at depictions of nudity or sex can somehow can be compared to cancer, ear infections, respiratory failure or other serious conditions that are directly caused by second hand smoke. How in Hell does some idiot like this even make some comparison between nudity or even sex in films or books and known health damaging substances in cigarette smoke? Viewing nudity in a film doesn't put any harmful or deadly substances into the body. But, this is just one example of the type of idiots that the American public elects to office, over and over again. One such idiot, Representative David Wu(D-OR) had to resign just today after an allegation that he sexually assaulted a girl fresh out of high school. Yet, the public continues to re-elect sex weirdos to government, including masturbation-obsessed weird personalities like Orrin Hatch. Why? For God sakes, why?

So kids, we have a government that can't even manage the economy, but it wants to manage what sort of entertainment that you are allowed to view. It's a real blow back to days when comic Lenny Bruce wasn't even allowed to perform his act in New York nightclubs without police sitting in the audience to record his act to prosecute him for obscenity. That's what Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and also Tea Party conservative types want, a return to a police state America where the FBI watches the people and arrests them for absurd obscenity-type crimes.

Dianne Feinstein even claimed that psychiatrists recognize pornography as a problem. No, they don't. Claimed "pornography addiction" isn't a recognized condition by the American Psychiatric Association. Why does she make this stuff up? That's part of the problem when any discussion of porn comes up. Some people make up outright lies about the subject, where any discussion of the topic isn't an honest one. But, the fact of the matter is that about 70% of young men 35 and under sometimes surf for porn on the Internet. 70% is a pretty good percentage.

The country is woefully mismanaged by two inept and corrupt political parties who can't hardly even manage to avoid a near government shutdown and other cash crisis's because they are such piss-poor managers. And now they want to overstep that ineptness by leap year miles by cracking down on the legal adult entertainment industry. Screw these self-righteous bastards. Don't vote for them. It only encourages them. About the only defense the public has against these out-of-control politicians is to shine light on their slimy self-righteous ways and write about them, tearing chunks out of their slithering reputations. They aren't public servants. They're just out-of control idiots who are such shitty mean spirited people that they think someone should go to jail if they are having a little fun. That's completely messed up.


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