Saturday, July 23, 2011

Move Over Anthony Weiner, There's A New Dog In Town!

Holy crap! You might have thought that Anthony Weiner is as bad as congress gets for being a place to house the mentally disturbed. Well, not by a half shot, partner. Move over Anthony Weiner, there's a new dog in town. And his name is David Wu, Democratic congressman from Oregon. Wu survived a political scandal a few years ago when an old news story broke about him having sexually assaulted a former girlfriend while a student at Stanford. And a fresh scandal broke when Wu's most re-election campaign was plagued by problems caused by erratic and mentally ill behavior on his part. Several staff members quit.

But, that's not the half it it, Jose. There was another scandal in which Wu received prescription drugs from a campaign donor. Wu denies that it was Oxycodone as some reports suggest, claiming that it was only a prescription dose of ibuprofen. And then there was the bizarre tiger suit photos that emerged from Halloween. But, now Wu has topped all of this with a fresh scandal in which a young woman who just graduated high school has accused him of sexually assaulting her. Wu claims the sexual encounter happened, but claims the sex was consensual. Ok. Lightning, doesn't strike twice, huh congressman? No word on whether this latest sexual misconduct from a member of congress will make Wu resign or not. Wu has unfortunately learned that he's able to survive all of his past scandals. However, if he's arrested for some crime such as sexual assault, that could sure change things.

None of this news is very good for the first Chinese-American to be elected to congress in the United States. Overall, those that live in Wu's district consider him an effective congressman in tune with their views. Replacing him with someone as good will be difficult. It's just that personal life thing with him. He just can't seem to stop acting crazy. Real crazy.

Much of the public doesn't think too much of congress right now. And deservedly so. Not only is congress unable to smoothly keep the government running, pay the bills, or manage the overall economy, despite always having their hands in everyone's pockets. Now, congress is having trouble keeping their hands out of everyone's pants as well.


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