Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cd Review: Foo Fighters WASTING LIGHT

Dave Grohl must be all smiles as his Foo Fighters have scored their very first #1 album ever with WASTING LIGHT, a very good effort from the band that have his fans and the critics both delighted. After playing in no less than 30 bands in his lifetime, starting with roots in punk rock and playing in the legendary Nirvana, Grohl's greatest achievement as the leader of any group has been this new #1 hit album.

Studio album #7 seems to have been the charm for the Foo Fighters here. The album seems to be a well crafted mix of songs that were actually recorded in Dave Grohl's garage of all places. Yet, that seems to work for this alternative rock album and Dave Grohl's background as a grunge garage band performer. Sometimes great albums are recorded in a real minimalistic way such as the classic LA WOMAN album by The Doors. Recorded on a simple 8track reel recorder, this album stands out as one of their best ever. In the same way, The Foo Fighters kept it simple here, and result seems to work real well.

While no one cut really stands out for me, the overall experience of this album is satisfying enough.....I'm a satisfied customer. Hey, 235,000 other Cd buyers for this album can't be wrong either. The Foo Fighters also managed the feat of topping the iTunes charts as well. That was a long time coming.

The Bottom Line: While not really a rock classic yet, this album has plenty of potential to grow on you as more than decent alternative rock effort. +++(Three Stars, or good. Buy this album!).


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