Saturday, April 30, 2011

APPRENTICE Advertisers Pressuring NBC To Control Donald Trump

NBC is beginning to feel an advertiser backlash as Donald Trump's behavior grow more outrageous by the day. Groupon has become the first major advertiser to pull their sponsorship of Donald Trump's CELEBRITY APPRENTICE program on NBC in response to Trump's outlandish behavior the last few days which includes some behavior viewed as racist as well as using the F word during a public speech. And NEWSONE, a news service for the African American community reports that other advertisers are beginning to pressure NBC to either control Donald Trump or else they will cancel their sponsorship of his APPRENTICE show on their network.

Trump first seized on the tabloid story run in THE GLOBE claiming that the current president wasn't born in the U.S., although enough information made public since the 2008 election proved that this tabloid story was completely wrong. The White House issued the live birth certificate from Hawaii again this week to quiet down Trump and others who seemed to believe this tabloid story. Now, Trump is starting some new issue about the education of the president, which many in the African American community believe is taking on a racist nature. Trump was reportedly sued back in the 1970's for a claimed policy of not renting properties he owned to African American applicants according to NEWSONE.

Donald Trump doesn't seem to have much to gain here by what he believes in his own mind is laying the groundwork for a potential presidential bid. He has extremely high negative numbers where up to 64% of voters in the latest Gallup Poll said that they would not vote for him as a presidential candidate. And yesterday, another story broke that Donald Trump lied about both how he avoided military service in Vietnam as well as lied about his ties to organized crime while running some failed Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos and hotel businesses.

At some point, NBC might have to consider that Donald Trump is bad for NBC or else a candidate for president and ask him to exit THE APPRENTICE on their network. In 2008, actor Fred Thompson had to leave LAW AND ORDER on NBC when he became a candidate for president. Federal election rules would force a network like NBC to provide equal time to any other candidates for office once Trump is viewed as starting an active campaign organization.


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