Friday, April 29, 2011

Donald Trump Haunted By Organized Crime Ties

CELEBRITY APPRENTICE Host and businessman Donald Trump is beginning to suffer a backlash of negative investigative reporting in recent days. Earlier this week, Trump brought a spotlight of embarrassment on himself for his seizing on a false tabloid story run in THE GLOBE that claimed the current president wasn't born in the United States. Now, a brand new investigative story run jointly by AOL and THE HUFFINGTON POST claims that Donald Trump lied when claimed that his casino and business ventures were free from organized crime ties.

Public records indicate that New Jersey casino regulators forced Trump to buy out two business partners who heavily invested in his Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino who were associated with organized crime. Trump also employed a known member of an Asian organized crime organization to act as a vice president of his Taj Mahal Casino for five years, while Trump fought legal battles to keep this organized crime figure from being forced out by state casino regulators.

In the case of the Asian crime family member, he was said to be a member of a crime family that worked out of Hong Kong who were known for crimes such as murder, extortion and heroin smuggling.

If Donald Trump has any serious political ambitions, it will be difficult for him to shake these new stories that he had close associations with organized crime in business, and even fought with casino regulators so that he could continue to have the person who was said to be associated with Asian organized crime organization continue to serve as an officer in one of his casinos. Voters would not likely want to elect someone who closely partnered with organized crime in business. All of this makes political ambitions of Trump less likely.

More and more, it appears that bad comb-overs aren't the worst issue that Donald Trump should fear.