Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Libyan Farmer Who Helped To Rescue American Pilot Shot By NATO Plane

Libyan farmer Hamid Mousa el-Amruni played a role in the rescue of an American pilot who's plane crashed due to mechanical failure. The pilot hid in a pig pen on el-Amruni's family farm and was given water and juice to drink while a local council supporting the antiGadhafi Beghazi National Council arranged to pick up the pilot in a car and return him to the American forces.

Well, what did farmer el-Amruni get for all his good deeds? Well, he got himself a little strafed up by some NATO plane of unidentified origin that shot up the area to protect it from Gadhafi forces. Now, he's walking with some broomstick that he's using as a makeshift crutch because of wounds to a leg and back. Oh, that's just great. You help some poor American pilot who just lost his plane, keeping him safe and helping to return him to the U.S. forces and all you have to show for it is some buckshot wounds. No good deed goes unpunished it seems. But, el-Amruni isn't bitter. On the contrary, he considers it just some unfortunate mistake.

As usual, the latest television war turns out to be complete chaos. Forget Gadhafi, that friendly fire can be just as bad.

Meanwhile, expect some farmer in Libya to start wearing a T-shirt that reads: "I Rescued An American Pilot, And All I Have To Show For It Are These Lousy Machine Gun Wounds".


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