Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The latest soundtrack album from the hit FOX TV show, GLEE, just dropped on March 8. And it may set a record for the most singles ever released from an album. So far 14 of the 16 tracks have been released as singles from the brand new album. One of the latest singles is Gwyneth Paltrow doing a rip-roaring cover version of the old Gary Glitter single from the UK, "Do You Wanna Touch Me(Oh Yeah). Gwyneth Paltrow also covers the old Prince single, "Kiss", as well as Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide".

The album manages to do great covers of Rod Argent's, "She's Not There", as well as covers of Queen and The Human League and others. In so many ways, this is a very satisfying album of well executed cover versions of songs. In crisp digital sound, this album brings new life to some old analog recorded classic rock songs.

GLEE has certainly achieved something very rare here. It is the first musical TV show that's actually been a hit. Other shows such as ABC's COP ROCK were complete disasters.

The Bottom Line: While this album will appeal mainly to kids, a few older rock fans like me certainly enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow's excellent cover of "Do You Wanna Touch Me(Oh Yeah)", this is an excellent version of the song, virtually just as good as what both Gary Glitter and Joan Jett once did for the song. And the music video from the show is a real bonus. This album has many high points and few low ones. Very good. +++(Three Stars, good. Money well spent here. Buy this Cd!)


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