Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paul McCartney Rocks A Lifeless SNL

Paul McCartney took a rather ordinary and uninspired episode of SNL and made it into a big event last night by performing a shopping list of Wings, Beatles and John Lennon classics. Paul McCartney made this a great episode and saved this episode from the so-so and lifeless bin. It was simply great TV.

The aging former Beatle was in fine form last night, and certainly helped to water the tastes for his newly released deluxe three disc anniversary box set of BAND ON THE RUN. If you haven't gone out and bought a copy as a gift or for yourself, then you're really missing something. This is a great reissue of a great album.

But, perhaps the most interesting moment was Paul McCartney performing A DAY IN THE LIFE doing the John Lennon part and then performing John Lennon's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. In many ways, it didn't appear to be so much a holiday call for world peace as it was a sign that Paul McCartney had finally made peace with his former band mate and misses the guy terribly. And I can't think of a better holiday sentiment than that. Making peace with someone.