Thursday, November 04, 2010

What The 2012 AMX Might Have Looked Like

Here's some cool concept car art from the Web of what the 2012 AMC AMX might have looked like. It manages to capture that retro look of the original 1968-70 series cars that were actually shortened high performance specialty versions of the Javelin series loaded up with larger high performance engines such as the 390 Go Pack.

Little AMC often surprised by offering up a few really good high performance cars. One of the most surprising was those little Gremlins with the 304 V8 tossed in. While the fuel mileage wasn't very good, those cars really roared compared to VWs, Pintos and stock Vegas.

In 1987, cash strapped AMC was sold to Chrysler, who mainly only wanted their Jeep Division, so the only AMC cars that Chrysler sold for a short period were a few new designs from Renault before dropping the Eagle brand of cars.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger michael said...

I always like amxs,& javalins. It would been interesting if American Motors was still around. They would of eventually would brought the AMX back. I heard there will be AM concept to debut at AMO Nats this year. Who knows what tomorrow could bring!


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