Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Don't Get Caught In Adultery In Iran

Those in Hollywood and the entertainment musical bedhopping world can sure bless their lucky stars that they don't live in Iran. Adultery isn't treated too lightly there by the religious kook government, which enforces religious laws far worse than the religious kooks in the U.S. ever would imagine. And that's despite our own homegrown abundance of religious wacko legislators and prosecutors.

In Iran, an attractive 43 year old woman has been sentenced to be hanged today for the crime of adultery. Previously she was going to be stoned(and, no that's not the good sort of being "stoned" that some kids rave about). Prior to this the woman was sentenced to 99 lashes for not wearing a veil in Iranian public(considered grossly indecent there), and another 99 lashes after a photograph of some British woman mistaken for her not wearing a veil was discovered by the Iranian authorities. That's not too liberal at all.

Hangings in Iran are really something outrageous. Women and men, often convicted of simple crimes are taken out to a field and hoisted in the air by a crane with legs kicking in the air until dead, while idiot Iranians stand around and watch because northing's good on Iranian TV.

One heck of an assbackward society, don't you think?


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