Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wild Success Of THE SONS OF ANARCHY Might Have Influenced Hells Angels General Store Over At Ebay

The huge cable TV hit, THE SONS OF ANARCHY might well have a lot to do with the opening of a Hells Angels Los Angeles chapter store over at Ebay that sells bumper stickers, clothing and other items. Under the Ebay seller name losangelescosupportproducts, the local motorcycle club chapter has a very good rating of 99.7% customer satisfaction, which is really quite good. Most customers give the dealer high praise for great customer service.

Interestingly, more than a few of the items almost look like they could be straight from some JC Penney catalog or something, and with several years of Ebay sales on the huge international auction site, the motorcycle organization runs an efficient and well run business.

The business environment sometimes attracts some interesting new sellers to the marketplace, with unique products to offer. And one enterprising local Hells Angels organization chapter realized that a market existed to sell souvenirs and other products the club markets. With more than 2400 items sold by this dealer, it well proves that a market exists for the MC club's products.

If anything, free Enterprise proves that you don't always have to be like the "milk and cookies" shop down the street to successfully sell something. Unique products find a market as well.

With many custom motorcycles exceeding $30,00 and some running $85,000 or better, this organization fully realizes that plenty of money exists on the part of buyers to purchase their motorcycle lifestyle products. And the success of THE SONS OF ANARCHY probably has a lot to do with original motorcycle clubs offering their souvenirs for sale.