Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ripoff Report:Daily Newspapers Going To Paid TV Magazines To Raise Money

Hard pressed daily newspapers are turning to a terrible notion to raise extra income. A number of newspapers are deleting their own weekly TV listings and separate TV sections, and instead using a national publications distributor, NTVB(National Television Book Company) to sell the TV listings that were formerly included in the paper at no extra charge for an additional subscription fee. This takes real balls. Newspaper subscribers and purchasers are now being asked to pay for a section of the newspaper that was formerly included. What's next, a comic book being sold in place of the comics? A separate opinion magazine? TV WEEKLY magazine is hardly a magazine comparable to TV GUIDE by any stretch of the imagination. It's merely a ripoff as struggling newspapers begin to part out their publications and normal department sections for extra income.

Of all the crappy trends for newspapers to follow, this one has got to be sure to alienate newspaper buyers about the most of anything they could conceive of. While it won't lead to angry mobs of disgruntled TV viewers with pitchforks running these guys out of town, it will still anger a lot of folks who may be a lot less inclined to buy newspapers at all. Leave it up to the newspapers to alienate what few remaining customers they still may have.

Some things suck big time. This sure does. These guys even use http://www.iwantmytvmagazine.com/ as their online designation to be sure to rub enough salt in the wounds they created. The fact is these guys took away the TV magazine that used to included in the newspaper and hung a meter on it.


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