Monday, October 25, 2010

DVD Review: DEATH KAPPA(2010 Japan)

Run for your lives, those cheap giant rubber monsters from Japan are back. As outrageous as this genre is, where it has become something of an embarrassment to a nation known as one of the most high tech in the world. Yet, there's something really enjoyable about this simply awful unique Japanese movie franchise. And DEATH KAPPA brings back all of the glory and laughter of this genre. While the beautiful ultraclear picture camera work has certainly improved since those early Godzilla B&W Toho productions of the 1950's, the monster actors in rubber suits and the model homes seem to look even cheaper than ever with the clearer picture.

While, DEATH KAPPA is obviously a trash film, with an absurd script and monsters, it's still great fun in it's own twisted way. While certainly nowhere near as good as any of the newer Toho Productions films, DEATH KAPPA will still wow nearly any fan of giant rubber monsters.

Oh, even the South Koreans tried to make some of those giant rubber monster films. But, no one does them quite as good as the Japanese. And, besides that monster in one Korean film looked like nothing more than just Godzilla with a rubber horn stuck on his forehead.

To the average viewer, DEATH KAPPA may seem like total dreck. But, to those of us who love this genre, DEATH KAPPA is enjoyable enough fun to highly recommend.

The Bottom Line: Great trash-a-rama fun here, although certainly nowhere as good some of those cool Mechagodzilla films that Toho produces. ++1/2(Fair+, nearly good. Worth a viewing. Prepare to laugh and enjoy yourself big time).


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