Friday, October 22, 2010

CBS Orders More Episodes For Five New Shows

So far CBS has struck gold. The nation's leading network has ordered new episodes for all five new series. Compared to other networks who have already cancelled some new series, CBS is riding high on strong ratings. So far, every new show has performed well for CBS. CBS has even turned Friday into a ratings strong evening, which is an awesome feat considering that NBC uses the same evening for low rated material such as news programs.

CBS sent down new orders for 6 to 9 new episodes for HAWAII 5-0, THE DEFENDERS, BLUE BLOODS, MIKE & MOLLY, and for $#+! My DAD SAYS. However, you can probably expect all five series will be renewed for an entire year. Only $#+! MY DAD SAYS might be replaced at midseason with another comedy entry. The other new series seem so strong that they'll likely run all year, especially hits like HAWAII 5-0.

Besides shoring up those Friday night ratings, CBS has also achieved two other big feats. THE BIG BANG THEORY is hotter than ever with huge Thursday night ratings, and gives CBS real comedy muscle in the 8pm slot. Further, CSI MIAMI performs much better than the old COLD CASE show that it replaced, pulling in bigger numbers.

It's real safe to say that CBS knows what they're doing.


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