Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Trike Chopper For Less Than $2200!

Evo motorcycles has a real deal for you, a full sized 150cc chopper trike for real cheap. It sure looks impressive for just a hair less than $2200 bucks. Hard to believe that anyone can offer this much value for so little, but Evo has great deals on motor bikes of all sorts including scooters, ATVs, you name it.

The chopper is actually a custom model of a Chinese built Lifan motorcycle with extra wheels. It's called the "Pizza Boy Trike". However, it's doubtful that many Pizza boys will roar up and bring you a pepperoni special with this great toy.

In the 1960's iconic figures such as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth got into building chopper trikes. And for a time the chopper trike was sort of hot, but started to fade as Ed Roth fell out of favor with Revell models when he closely associated himself as a friend of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club because of his custom trikes. However, in recent years more and more models of three wheeled scooters and motorcycles have been emerging on the market, creating a comeback for the three wheeled versions of bikes and scooters.

While the Evo version of a chopper trike only has a 150cc engine, it still has a cool look. And is still capable of freeway legal speeds and completely street legal. Heck, for $2200 you can't go wrong on this cool toy.