Thursday, February 04, 2010


If you enjoy really trashy slasher horror flicks, then LAID TO REST just might be for you. It's sure not a great film by any means, yet it has more than enough trashy slasher violence to satisfy many gore fans if only you can get past some of very stupid characters and insulting script. Former PLAYBOY, MAXIM, STUFF & FHM, men's magazine model, Bobby Sue Luther, actually helped to co-produce this outlandish film vehicle to further her acting career. Previously, she had starred in such film classics as DEUCE BIGELOW EUROPEAN GIGOLO, with the perennially awful Rob Schneider, which should give you some idea where her movie career was headed.

Bobby Sue Luther is actually a brainy beauty, whose academic career once mattered to her so much more than modeling at one time. But you sure can't that from this script, where she constantly refers to the casket she wakes up in at a funeral home taken over by a deranged metal faced serial killer as a "box". She even calls the killer, "Chrome Skull" as "Shiny Face". Her command of the English language is absolutely horrible here, if not down right juvenile and funny. And many of the town folk in the film represent some of the worst of small Southern town stereotypes of outright ignorance and stupidity. This film should be an absolute outrage to any Southerners. It couldn't have portrayed them as any worse than if it really tried.

Yet, enough decent slasher violence, as well as an interesting new psychopathic killer personality, with "Chrome Skull", make this movie acceptable enough horror movie fare here to marginally recommend.

It's a genuinely frightening enough premise that a young woman wakes up in funeral home in a casket run by twisted and disturbed serial killer who dismembers young women. And small time actress, Seri DeYoung, looks so cute in her panties that you just hate to see that killer grotesquely do her in. With a funeral home filled with half dismembered women, LAID TO REST is a pretty fair horror film on that level alone. But it's all that bad dialog and terrible hick town Southern stereotypes that you have to tolerate to get through this.

The Bottom Line: ++(two stars out of four, fair)

Bobby Sue Luther Trivia Time: Did you know that she's actually the famous face of the St. Pauli Girl on those beer products?


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