Sunday, January 17, 2010

DVD Review: 100 FEET

100 FEET is an effective and well written crime/horror tale film that's well a watch on DVD. Famke Janssen is very good here, in her portrayal of an abused housewife who murdered her mean and nasty husband, who was also a police officer. The housewife is granted an early release from prison and put under closely supervised house arrest, only allowed to move about 100 feet within her old home.

Janssen's portrayal housewife of victimized housewife Marnie Watson is quite good. Watson's character is played with a strong measure of indignation at the system for failing her. Police ignored her repeated 911 calls because her abuser was a policeman. She was convicted and served time, unjustly, in her view. And now the partner(Bobby Cannavale) of her killed husband sits outside of her home in a parked car looking for any legal reason at all to slap handcuffs on her and to send her back to prison to serve out the rest of her sentence.

Life with an electronic ankle bracelet isn't very easy for Marnie Watson. Neighbors hate and resent her, believing her to be a cold blooded killer, not knowing her real story. Even Halloween is another bad experience when Marnie Watson finds few children willing to even take candy from her, only causing her more personal hurt.

But things will only get worse. Much worse. The ghost of her abusive husband(Michael Pare) returns from the grave as an unholy supernatural force and terrorizes and abuses Marnie Watson once again. And now the story becomes really creepy.

Marnie Watson has little choice. If she leaves the haunted house, she then goes back to prison for 10 years. If she stays in the house with the abusive ghost she may die before the night ends. That's not much of a choice, is it? There's plenty of very terrifying moments here. Director Eric Red has made a great film here.

The bottom line: This is a very good movie here and highly recommended. +++(Three stars out of four).


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Scott Crawford said...

I have always been fond of Famke Jannsen - I'll check this one out.


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