Saturday, January 16, 2010

When You Absolutely, Positively, Don't Want To Pay A Lot For A Trike

Trike motorbikes are cool. But, some like the models from American-made Ridley can set you back a cool $26k. And customized Harley trikes can cost major boatloads of cash. However, there's some great lower priced trike alternatives out there from the great Chino, California dealer, ScooterDepot.US. They have a number of Chinese-built motor scooter based trikes for sale, ranging from 50cc to 150cc models, for as low as around $1,300 plus a small shipping charge.

On the lower end, there's a cool, but basic 5occ model with chrome wheels, a trailer hitch and even a reverse gear. That's not bad for that small of a cash layout. And it can still go about 35mph. It's not a bad looking scooter based trike design. It has a cool enough style, and can stand up on it's own two feet at stop lights.

On the higher end, are some 55mph+ 150 scooter based trikes that have enough power and comfort for two riders to travel in ease. They may not be real highway cruisers, but around the city, they make for fun good weather travel. These also feature a reverse gear and some pretty trick bodywork. The price per fun factor certainly looks right to me.

What can I say? Trikes are way cool!


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