Friday, June 19, 2009

President Obama Sets An Excellent Tone For Father's Day

Today in a speech, President Obama set up an excellent tone for Father's Day today in a heartfelt speech by urging young men to become better fathers. The president barely knew his own father, but instead always has sought to be the best possible father himself. The president made it clear of the importance to children to have a father active in their lives. Fathers fill a special role for children

Vice President Biden also added some pretty important sentiments as well. In 1972, Joe Biden became a single parent after his wife and one year child were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping. Both of Biden's sons were seriously injured, but survived the terrible accident with a tractor trailer. It was an unbelievable tragedy for such a decent man right before Christmas.

The sentiments of both President Obama and Vice President Biden represent two great role models for the integrity of fathers for all American men to follow. Many young men need to step up and show some real responsibility, and to be active and present fathers in the lives of their children. The emotional lives of children and society pay a huge price when some men fail to step up to the level of fatherhood responsibility really expected of them.


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