Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sarah Palin Supporter With Arrest Record Draws Crowd Of Around 15 Persons To "Fire David Letterman" Rally

John Ziegler, an unabashed right wing radio broadcaster supporter of Sarah Palin, with an arrest record for attempting to disrupt an appearance by journalist Katie Couric to receive the Walter Cronkite Journalism Award at USC, is spearheading a new low budget protest effort for CBS to fire David Letterman because Letterman tells jokes about the Alaska governor and her family. On Monday, Ziegler claimed that he would have a huge crowd protest outside of the taping of the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN in NYC, instead Ziegler had maybe as few as 15 supporters show up to protest the show.

The fact of the matter is that with only a relative handful of Sarah Palin supporters fueling some ongoing controversy with David Letterman, there is no real grassroots effort against David Letterman or support to fire him. Instead, CBS is only likely to renew Letterman's contract and even offer him a pay raise within the next few days.

Ziegler was pretty unhappy when a grossly overweight red-headed and bearded man held up a sign proclaiming, "I'm A Right Wing Lunatic", and kept shouting "Jesus is speaking to me!", "I hate it when people tell jokes on TV!" to mock Ziegler's latest political stunt to support Sarah Palin. The man was sent from a radio show to mock Ziegler's absurd efforts to muzzle comics.

The reality that seems to be lost on Sarah Palin and her small bands of supporters who are fueling this nonsense controversy is that other comics such as Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, Craig Ferguson have probably told far more jokes about the Alaska governor than David Letterman ever told. Further, there is no law preventing public figures or their families from becoming the butt of jokes. That simply goes with celebrity.

A further problem for Palin is that by keeping alive the tabloid story about her daughter's out of wedlock pregnancy, Palin only further erodes any real potential political support among most voters, leaving her only with a tiny fringe of extremists and kooks as supporters. Palin marginalizes herself as the candidate for some fringe personalities. That's hardly the path to the White House in 2012. Even Republican strategists have attempted to warn Palin and her supporters about the potential damage she's doing to her own political career, yet these concerns seem to only go unanswered.

The fact of the matter is that even some failed extreme conservatives like Barry Goldwater had a number of real issues to advocate and run on. Instead, Palin's kooky personality and goofy family problems only attract the comics to tell jokes, so Palin supporters think that by inspiring a chilling effect on the comics rather than clean up their trailer park family conduct is the proper path.

The fact of the matter as that Palin has made herself too much of a butt of jokes by her own hand. It's a little too late to blame the comics for what she has brought upon herself. There is zero chance such a person will ever be elected president. It takes more than a handful of voters to be elected.


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