Friday, May 22, 2009

Wacky McCain Volunteer Gets Probation

Ashley Todd, the screwy 21 year old 2008 McCain Campaign volunteer who beat herself up and wrote a B on her own face, and then filed a false police report, claiming that some Barack Obama supporter attacked her because of supporting McCain was given 9 months probation and 50 hours of community service time by a Pittsburgh judge on Thursday.
Todd wasn't even intelligent enough to realize that when she wrote the "B" on her face, that it would turn out backwards unless someone else wrote it. Immediately, police knew Todd was lying about the attack incident, and she was quickly charged with filing a false police report. Further, Todd also had hoped to inspire a phony hate crime hysteria into the 2008 election, which was an ugly motivation for her actions.

Todd also is allowed to enter a probation program for first time offenders in which her record will be expunged as well if she completes all of her probation duties without further incidents.

Amazingly, the judge didn't sentence her to seeking mental health help for staging such a crazy incident in the first place. Todd had no comment to reporters upon leaving the courtroom. What could she possiby say to defend her crazy actions that makes any sense?
Hey Sarah Palin, could you use a good volunteer?