Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss California Too Busy Being A "Party Girl" To Do Official Duties

The Miss California circus only continues. It seems according to INSIDE EDITION, Carrie Prejean, was too busy partying and club hopping in Atlanta the other day, celebrating her 22nd birthday with friends, to appear with other members of the Miss California USA Pageant on LARRY KING LIVE to try to defend the reputation of the organization. One member of the Miss California organization has now quit over disgust with Carrie Prejean for failure to honor her official duties. And another has voiced anger at her for failing to appear on LARRY KING LIVE as well, when it was required for her to do so. LARRY KING LIVE films at CNN studios in Atlanta, so Prejean had no excuse not to attend this important Television news program, since she was in town. But Prejean preferred to drink and party with friends instead.

And according to INSIDE EDITION, Prejean also failed to show up at a second scheduled event. And instead booked herself for a silly appearance on FOX instead. Reportedly, at least one Pageant official was angry at this as well.

Donald Trump might have supported Prejean the other day. But officials of the Miss USA Pageant are getting very tired of the circus antics of Prejean where the possibility she may be fired or more pageant officials may resign still remains a very real possibility.

Since her appearance on the Miss USA Pageant, Prejean has brought nothing but controversy and disgrace to the even due to her antGay marriage remarks, topless photos, absurd explanations and now partying rather than showing up for official duties as Miss California. Some conservatives still continue to support her, apparently attempting to deny the fact that she's simply a very poor representative for the Miss USA Pageant organization. Prejean may also cost the organization a great deal of money in lost commercial sponsorships as well, so at some point Donal Trump needs to think like a businessman here, and not with his, well you know what, and realize that Prejean may be pretty, but she's also pretty much a disaster for the pageant.


At 6:12 AM, Blogger ES165 said...

Way to go Carrie....
...............Up yours Larry.

Carrie has proven just how intelligent she is. Larry's was most certainly planning a little trap for Carrie and I'm glad she waited until the last minute to deny him the pleasure.

Maybe it's a little payback for Larry's total whitewash of Perez Hilton when he appeared on Larry's show. King never once mention Hilton's vile misogynistic rant against Carrie.

Score one for the intelligent, gorgeous young lady.
A slap in the back of the head to the old Follywood fart.


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