Monday, May 25, 2009

Only Six World War I Veterans Are Still Alive

Sadly, out of 65, 038, 810 soldiers who served from all armies during WWI, only six verified veterans remain alive today, 2 from Australia, 2 from the UK, and two Americans. The last two American WWI veterans are both 108 years old. John Babcock was actually a Canadian , but moved to the United States in 1924, and still lives in Spokane, Washington. Frank Buckles who lives in Charles Town, West Virginia, also served in WWII as well, and was held as POW during that conflict. Veteran Frank Buckles is pictured here.

No members of the German forces are alive. But there is one 105 British man who claims to have been a bicycle courier during the war. There is one Polish man, who is 109, who joined the military after the Armistice, but before the Treaty Of Versailles.

And the numbers of WWII veterans are declining as well. Out of 16 million Americans that served during the war, only around 2-3 million are still alive today. with more than a thousand dying each day.
In WWI alone, 9,750, 103 soldiers lost their lives. One of the worst forms of warfare during WWI was the extensive use of mustard gas and chemical warfare. 50% of soldiers who didn't wear respirators died from exposure to this toxic warfare. Even 2%of soldiers who wore respirators died as well, because the gas was so hazardous. During WWII, some advocated that mustard gas be used against the general population of Japan. However, General Curtis Lemay opted for the massive fire-bombing of crowded cities like Tokyo, which burned thousands of women, children and babies to death in every mission. War is a terrible business.
God bless the veterans who worked to end wars, and to restore the peace on this Memorial day.