Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Republicans Consider Georgia Runoff Election As Vital To Their Plans To Obstruct Progress On The Economy & Other Matters

Sadly, many Republicans actually consider the Georgia runoff senatorial election which will take place next week as an important opportunity to obstruct the progress that a majority of Americans voted for in the November general election. Even Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss has said as much recently, unfortunately viewing his re-election as the last big hope of the GOP right wing to impede progress on the economy and other matters of serious importance. HUMAN EVENTS is urging it's readers to donate money to help impede progress as well by claiming that the funds are needed to stop some claimed "far left agenda" by the Democrats. Yet there has been mo evidence of any such an agenda from President-Elect Barack Obama, and instead he has struck a very moderate tone. HUMAN EVENTS failed to offer evidence of even one single example of any far left agenda that needs to be stopped. Not one single issue.

While Barack Obama has been getting very high positive reviews from both the voters as well as Wall Street professionals, the reality is that Saxby Chambliss is likely to win the senatorial runoff election in Georgia because voter turnout is generally much lower for such runoff contests than general elections. And in addition, Democrat Al Franken is also slightly behind in Minnesota's recount for that senate seat held by Republican incumbent Norm Coleman as well. In reality, the Democrats are more likely than not to lose both contests, which gives the GOP some hopes to filibuster any legislation that they do not approve of in the senate even though they will hold only 42 seats out of 100.

This "tyranny of the minority" is an unfortunate fact of the rules of senate. And even though the stakes are extremely high for the Democrats to show great progress on the economy, the Republicans could well pull the same old trick that they did during the early days of the Clinton Administration by filibustering legislation, preventing progress, and then claiming the Democrats were a "do nothing" congress and then winning the midterm election.

Unfortunately you would really certainly hope that the Republicans would rise above partisan politics at this time with the economy suffering so badly. However, many in GOP, especially the right wing, seem far more interesting in running candidates for election than really helping the country. And all of this really begs the basic patriotism of many politicians in the GOP. If they really loved their country, then why play politics at this terrible time for many Americans.


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