Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama a Fellow Jeep Owner

Barack Obama is part of the brotherhood of Jeep drivers across the U.S., and was known for driving himself to many of his early campaign events in his own Jeep. While fellow Jeep drivers hardly have same brotherhood as motorcyclists and scooterists who often give one another a nod or peace signs on the road, still the long running Jeep brand brings together freedom loving Americans who love this great all-American four wheel drive classic.

And Jeep is just one good reason why the American automobile industry should survive. This vehicle helped to win WWII and has survived from a number of American owners including Willys Overland, Kaiser, American Motors and now Chrysler.

Like Mr. Obama, I own one of the station wagon-like models, a 1998 Cherokee Sport. Mr. Obama has owned a 2000 Grand Cherokee model. The Cherokee line is a great line of trucks, very durable, able to carry not only packages but persons in great style, and able to handle the worst of weather. When it snows, you know that a Jeep can get through most of time, or that a Jeep is always ready for off-road fun as well with their big tires and high ground clearance. You can't beat Jeeps for fun and style.

From it's early days as a small truck that saw military service during WWII, where a Jeep once pulled a train over 20 miles after the train broke down, the Jeep line has always maintained it's distinctive appearance even while growing in size and creature comforts, but never losing it's durable truck design. Who knew that the Willys models of WWII would someday grow into beautiful larger Grand Wagoneer or Grand Cherokee models of today? And with many modern models powered by a dependable drivetrain using an inline 6 cylinder engine or even V8, many Jeeps are long running for sure.

I think that many Americans just might have a four letter word for those in congress who aren't sure if they want the American auto industry to survive; Jeep.


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