Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Doesn't Know When To Leave The Stage

During her failed campaign to become the first female vice president in American history, you couldn't hardly get Sarah Palin to do an interview. Now that she should be an irrelevant newsstory and should simply go home to Alaska and leave the spotlight and let the Obama Administration jell together and figure ways to solve the nation's serious problems with the economy and other matters, you can't keep Palin off the stage. She's doing interviews all over the place. She was on THE TODAY SHOW yesterday, more of her was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today, and she's doing LARRY KING tonight. Like the bad act that refuses to leave the stage where the guy with a hook has to pull them off the stage, Sarah Palin just doesn't know when to get off the stage.

Andy Warhol once surmissed that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Well, Sarah Palin's "15 minutes" have long since come and gone. Yet, now she's doing more interviews than ever, and hogging as much of the post-election spotlight as she possiby can. She's certainly not a "pitbull in lipstick", as much as she's just a pure "publicity hound". It's nearly as pathetic as when Britney Spears would do absolutely anything just in order to get her daily publicity in the last couple of years before she hit the skids.

Palin is like an ongoing train wreck. One that just keeps on happening. It's no concern of hers that she lost the election and badly so. Palin is in the business of giving advice on Wednesday on CNN. Advice to President Bush, advice to President-Elect Obama, advice to anyone who will waste time listening to her. It's simply pathetic that she just doesn't know when to go away and go back to Alaska.

Please, please, please, someone find that stage hook guy now. Right now.


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