Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Russia Moving Nuclear Capable Missile Launchers Into Georgia

Instead of actually withdrawing from the South Osettia province of Georgia, THE NEW YORK TIMES reliably reports that Russia is instead moving a number SS-21 mobile missile launcher trucks into the province. These SS-21 missiles can carry a warhead of high conventional explosives or even a tactical battlefield nuclear warhead.

During the Russian invasion and military action last week at least two conventional SS-21 missiles were fired by Russia into Georgia. However, with a nuclear warhead such weapons could cause a serious destruction of the capital city of Georgia. Since these missiles used a solid rocket fuel they are more difficult to stop with Patriot antimissiles than liquid fuel rockets as well.

Such missiles have a 120 km range, that could certainly put Georgia's largest cities in the direct line of fire if Russia should renew military action.

In other provocative actions, Russia continues to flex it's military muscle to intimidate the U.S. with flights of nuclear bombers near Alaskan territory. And Russian troops seized some American made military hardware in Georgia such as a group of Humvees.

Russia really needs to lower tensions, but is only adding to the latest tensions with each new act which only takes on more significance since the Georgia incident.


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