Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama Excites Huge Audience Of 200,000 In Berlin, While McCain Complains At German Restaurant In Columbus, Ohio

While young Senator Barack Obama delivered a speech to a far larger than expected crowd in Berlin of 200,000, that sometimes excited and stirred the audience to think, John McCain's campaign organized a small low budget event for John McCain at Schmitt's German Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, in which McCain seemed to be mostly petty and nasty in tone. More and more, John McCain is coming across as someone like the Mr. Wilson in the Dennis The Menace cartoons; an old man who complains about everything, and is simply a miserable man to be around.

Obama proved the greatest popularity of any American leader overseas since Bill Clinton. By comparison, George Bush has only helped to spur widespread protests and sometimes violence when he would visit overseas. Apparently, Obama has a positive enough image that so many in Europe are willing to give the United States a second look, and take a more positive view of the United States.

The Unites States has suffered from a bad image problem overseas during much of the Bush Administration years, that the U.S. has lost so much support from Europe that is vital on so many foreign affairs and international issues. If anything, Obama has proven how much he could improve that view of the United States and help with the relative political isolation of the U.S. by some European states on some issues.

Part of the hope of Barack Obama is not only to lift up hope in the United States, but also to raise up a good image of the United States abroad not seen since the days of John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton. And that's a very good thing.


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