Saturday, July 19, 2008

John McCain's Moral Crusader Alabama State Chairman Caught In Bed With A Male Staffer

The Republican Attorney General of Alabama, Troy King, best known as an antiGay and moralistic right wing crusader was caught in bed by his wife with a male aide who was a former college homecoming king, now there is pressure for King to resign from office. Troy King was also the Alabama State Chairman for the John McCain campaign. Now the McCain website has quietly taken down the name of King from the campaign website, trying to avoid yet another major staffer resignation scandal. So far the McCain campaign has shown very poor judgement choosing campaign officials and has been rocked by a huge number of major resignations for various reasons. All of this reflects very poorly on the judgement and ability of John McCain to delegate responsibility to campaign staffers who have good judgement. The McCain campaign is just trying to get past the resignation of primary economics advisor, Phil Gramm.

As Attorney General and a practicing Baptist, Troy King was well known for some especially caustic language against the Gay community. King once even proclaimed, "Currently AIDS is the most behavior-oriented disease known to mankind. If this nation's purveyors of perversion would refrain from committing sodomy, they would unquestionably be spared the ravages of the disease". These are especially tough as well as hypocritical words coming from King considering the fact that he likely put the staffer on his Attorney General staff mainly so that he could have homosexual relations with him. There is evidence that King may have had a relationship with staffer that goes back to his college days.

King was also well known for waging a long legal battle with Alabama retailer Sherri Williams who ran some businesses intended for women buyers that sold some sexual novelty toys. Alabama has some tough and draconian laws that prevent women from being able to even purchase such novelty items. In fact, on Friday's 20/20 this legal battle for women in Alabama to be able to legally purchase such novelty items was a featured story. Williams summed up the Troy King scandal with this pensive thought, " my experience, it's the guys that are the guiltiest that prosecute the hardest". Williams has been in Eleventh Circuit Of Alabama three times, the Eleventh Court Of Appeals twice, and before the U.S. Supreme Court once, which declined to hear her case, mostly due to the prosecution actions of Troy King.

What can you say? John McCain sure knows how to pick great campaign staffers. And if his campaign isn't a goofed-up and wholly inept enough mess to convince just about anyone that John McCain has no judgement whatsoever when it comes to delegating responsibility to competent persons, then just think what a Three Stooges type mess McCain would make of the White House. John McCain as president is just one big disaster waiting to happen, just like the idiot who walks into a rake left on the lawn. It just doesn't take an Einstein to reason this one out.


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