Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Obama Will Likely Win In 2008

Right after wrapping up the Democratic nomination, Senator Barack Obama started running with both feet on the ground his November effort with hardly a moment's rest. So far all signs are that Obama will manage a campaign far superior to that of John McCain, that should prove successful and win the presidency in 2008.

Obama certainly had to prove to be one of the greatest surprises of this year as this young senator was able to manage such a smoothly and effectively run campaign that he was able to topple the odds on favorite to capture the nomination, Senator Clinton. Despite only a short political career, Obama has well proven himself to be a very formidable political force, one part a young fast rising star political phenomenon, and another part, an effective manager who delegates responsibility to the right experts to achieve results. This ability to well manage and effectively delegate responsibility speaks very well for Obama to run an effective White House able to achieve real results as well.

Yesterday, even right wing writer, Ann Coulter, lamented how the Obama campaign is now collecting massive political donations from figures familiar to Wall Street compared to the cash strapped McCain effort. Despite a long history in congress, McCain is simply viewed as too eratic by some corporate leaders, with too few answers or little knowledge of economics by others, unable to offer sound enough solutions to inspire many on Wall Street to want to throw good money after bad and waste donations on what is likely to be a losing effort by McCain. Holding some clout with Obama, or banking on him to both win the election, as well as to improve the economy, seems like a more pragmatic move. Most on Wall Street got where they are by good instincts, and the instinct to bank on a winner like Obama certainly seems like a far better bet at this point.

McCain's campaign has far less cash to spend, and the Obama campaign is taking full advantage of this challenging McCain in vulnerable "red states" such as Colorado, where McCain may not even be able to hold onto the base of "red states" that elected George Bush twice. If Obama holds onto all the states that both Gore and Kerry won, besides winning in some vulnerable "red states", the McCain campaign will face an impossible task to win enough electoral votes in November.

Right after capturing the majority of Democratic delegates, Obama began a two-week campaign to address economic issues and to shore up support with voters by offering some real constructive solutions to some of current problems facing millions of Americans as energy prices undergo hyberinflation, food prices go up, homes are foreclosed and jobs are outsourced to labor cheap nations. Labor unions are quickly moving to educate their members that Obama is far and away the very best bet for working people to better themselves and hold onto their jobs and middle class lifestyle and not watch the American dream slip through their fingers.

John McCain has a deep well of public respect due to his story of heroism during the Vietnam War. However, with the American public hurting so badly with worsening energy prices, a sluggish economy, home foreclosures and other problems, voters are far more likely to elect a president concerned with solutions to the here and now problems, and not treat the presidency as some sort of lifetime achievement prize. John McCain has had an amazing history, but it is the future of the voters that really matters most. This election isn't all about John McCain's history. It's all about the voters. And so far the Barack Obama campaign is doing everything right to convince the voters that he is the better of the two candodates. That should be more than enough to elect him in November.


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