Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rasmussen Notes Increase In Number Of Liberal Voters

One big political shift among voters this year is a new trend noted by Rasmussen that finds the percentage of liberals has increased from 17% up to 25% this year, while the percentage of conservative voters has roughly remained constant at 36%, with another 37% who view themselves as political moderates. All of this leaves the moderate voters as the voters who will decide the 2008 election, and will certainly shape up as areas where both Barack Obama and John McCain will attempt to frame issues to appeal to this voter block as well as to frame issues to hold their own philosophical allies.

John McCain can be expected to highlight his antiabortion views when it benefits him among conservative audiences, while Barack Obama will find issues to solifify his liberal support such as opposition to the Iraq War Both candidates will almost certainly seek to find economic issues that transcend political philosophy to lure in voters such as moderates as well.


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