Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who's More Clueless, That Miss South Carolina "As Such" Girl, Or John McCain?

The Miss South Carolina girl was famous for her outrageous clueless "As Such" speech to describe her understanding of important foreign policy issues. With his clueless views on the economy, John McCain could easily be her grandfather. The latest DNC ad proves that John McCain has little real understanding of the foreclosure mess, rampant inflation, falling home prices in a collapsing real estate market, $4.00 gas, job losses or other vital issues. Yet this guy believes that it's his "turn" to be president.

His "turn", that's an excellent basis for wanting to be the next president. The presidency is perhaps the most important job in the world, where a broad undestanding of complex issues including the economy, foreign policy. domestic issues, military matters, etc. is required, and John McCain believes that his "turn" is his most important qualification. Mr. McCain is quick to volunteer that he has little understanding of economics, and the latest DNC ad seems to indicate that he's never picked up a copy of the Wall STREET JOURNAL or any economy based publication ever in his lifetime.

Mr. McCain, you do Miss South Carolina proud.