Thursday, April 10, 2008

The American Taliban Hard At Work

Just like their extremist counterparts in Afghanistan who seek to repress and stomp on anything that is culturally liberated or progressive, the American Taliban is hard at work here. These cultural fascists seek to use government, law and any other means available to impose their own strict religious views on society as whole and don't respect the rights of others to choose what they consider to be free choices based on their own moral world views and opinions.

The Elliot Spitzer story was just one good recent example. Certainly the man brought a lot of embarrassment and disgrace to both his wife and family on one hand, and jokes for the late night comics as well. But if he had not been the Governor of New York, the question really remains whether the public destruction of this man really served any worthy purpose for society as whole. Would American society really crumble down and collapse if the private actions of Elliot Spitzer were simply ignored by government? Morally, his choice to frequent the high end call girl business might have well been a very poor one. But was it any business of the govenment to get involved in this? It was Spitzer's very own money. No evidence exists that he embezzled it. Why is it any business of government if this man made a poor choice that many, if not most would consider immoral as a way to spend his own money? And the application of some laws meant to stop illegal financial transactions by drug dealers by the feds was only the latest outrageous example of the far fetched abuse of some laws meant to collar-in serious crime such as dangerous narcotics. Adultry was once considered a sin to be judged by God alone. But some in government think they need to be doing "God's work".

But the American Taliban isn't satisfied to just stop there. Self-righteous religious and cultural extremist, Bob Peters, President of Morality In Media, has gone on the attack against store displays of this years' SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue. Peters manages to ignore all the other conduct by WalMart regarding poor wages or lack of health care by many employees, and instead is outraged that the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue is displayed and available for sale at their stores. Cultural extremist Peters has had a long history of crackpot crusades, some of the most absurd being defending guns during campus shooting massacres but blaming the entertainment industry instead. Who even knew that directors like Spielberg or Lucus were somehow responsible for these bizarre actions by violent mentally ill persons if persons like Peters did not make a major effort to point that out?

And over at the FCC, some socially and culturally retarded bureacrats are still running after FOX and a number of FOX local stations that ran a heavily-pixelated batchelor party scene during one moment of MARRIED IN AMERICA several years ago. Leave it up to some religious and cultural regressives to stew in anger for several years because some heavily pixelated scene with absolutely no nudity or even bad language was aired many years ago on TV and attempt to extort FOX stations out of $1.18 million dollars in fines. While the short scene on the long cancelled TV show has been long forgotten by all normal and rational persons, all the years of threats and extortion schemes coming out of the FCC offices by some cultural screwballs lives on forever it seems. It seems that some persons at the FCC simply lack the intelligence and discretion to drop this stupid matter.

And yesterday, out of Washington, DC, came the indictment of a major California adult website operator and DVD distributor on obscenity charges that could potentially have a very sweeping and chilling impact on freedom of expression on the Internet as a whole. One portion of the multiple count indictment dealt with a new application of the Communication Act Of 1934, by bringing a new charge against a website by claiming that it offered material that could be considered offensive to persons under 18. If the federal government should win such a case, then a heavy blanket of censorship could fall all over the Internet, greatly restricting content of all types, including words and other editorial content. Every website of all types would have to greatly restrict language and content down to a level which would not be considered to be morally objectionable for viewing by a child.

Right now the Internet acts as an information "Superhighway" for all types of thoughts and communication, some very G rated, and some not very G rated at all. But the chilling impact of any such ruling in favor of this new application of this old 1934 law which originally regulated indecent telephone messages to modern communications like the Internet cannot be understated. This is highly likely to become a major Supreme Court case and will definately impact what the Internet looks like after such a ruling. Further, the old 1934 law even refers to controls over foreign communications as well, and raises some serious questions of American law enforcement imposing their will on foreign Website operators who are not even U.S. citizens or operating in many European nations with little or no regulations dealing with indecent or even obscene content or editorial material. The freedom with which one can establish a Website and pretty much say or post what one desires may be coming to an end. The cultural extremists may have just found a new way to use children as human shields in a new attempt to justify their efforts to control the thoughts of others.

American soldiers are risking their lives fighting cultural fascists overseas, meanwhile cultural fascists just as dangerous lurk around over here.