Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Worst Christmas Songs Ever

April Winchell, the daughter of the late great Paul Winchell, has a radio show in California with a great multimedia website that compiles some of the very worst Christmas songs ever made. You can find April's website at and click her multimedia link.

You'll find mindnumbing and funny Christmas selections from Jay Leno, Jack Webb, William Hung, Tom Lehrer, Walter Brennan, Tommy Faye, Porky Pig, Mae West, Regis Philbin & Donals Trump, The Dickies and some misguided rappers as well as a Jimi Hendrix New Year's Day ditty. There's also some outrageous and awful Beatles and Stairway To Heaven cover songs.

These songs are legal downloads that can be saved to a program such as MusicMatch and you can burn your own funny Christmas songs CD from the many titles listed. Some incredibly funny stuff to make an alternative CD to all the other sappy seasonal stuff out there. Enjoy. Merry Christmas to all!