Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Miss USA Incidents Amuse Public, But May Indicate More Serious Issues

The American public is laughing at the problems with the Miss USA incidents and the involvement of the owner of this event, Donald Trump. However, far beyond the humor that the public is finding in this, there may be signs that some delayed female juvenile delinquency issues may be at stake.

The public may find female juvenile delinquency related behaviors funny or interesting because they often involve a form of inappropriate sexual acting out as a form of rebellion rather than the violence or violent crime related activites that are often associated with males. The fact that young women in their 20's who have lived more controlled and regulated behavior in their teens, but then acted out in wholly inappropriate behaviors in their 20's means that they simply delayed their delinquency tendencies and delayed their long supressed tendency to want to rebel.

On one hand, some will dismiss the conduct of Miss USA as merely a "country bumpkin, acting out for the first time in the big city". This is only true in the sense that the tendency to rebel was long surpresed by the fear or desire to please parents or conform to local social and religious norms. It could explain some of the behaviors of Tara Conner, Miss USA from Kentucky, or Britney Spears from Louisiana. However, there also seems to an apparent lack of some social controls present, that could result in some tragic consequences. The public conduct of Britney Spears apparently has reached such a pont that she was even recently booed at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game by members of the audience, who may now feel that she far exceeds the values accepted by Los Angeles citizens for a young woman or young mother. There are press reports that child welfare authorities are beginning to take interrest in her conduct.

There are always those, especially males willing to pay for the outrageous sexual acting out of young women as adult entertainers for example. But they are acting as enablers for many young women who know such behavior is not morally acceptable, but enjoy it as a form of rebellion, while a few more are simply in it for the money. Often where no real money is involved, is where there seems to be a clearer link with delayed rebellion or delayed juvenile delinquency tendencies.

Even if such behaviors do not immediately appear destructive to these young women, still the real risk factors remain that uncontrolled rebellion can have serious consequences in some cases. Tragedy can even result in some cases. One of most important factors in parenting is to inspire structure and values in the lives of children. Faith in God can also establish a moral framework that can distinguish between "having fun" and engaging in potentially self-destructive conduct.


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