Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Cycle Of Violence In Iraq

While Bush wears the military flight jacket and talks tough about Iraq, which is interesting considering that he spent his military service in the National Guard at home drinking and running around with girls while other men risked their lives on the battlefields of Vietnam, promoting his policy in Iraq, everyday is a new cycle of violence in the region.

It was learned today that the failed suicide bomber from the Jordan attack may have had three brothers killed by U.S. forces. If this is true, then it is just more proof of an endless cycle of violence. In the minds of MidEast extremists, attacking a peaceful wedding party in neighboring Jordan is an acceptable response to the U.S. actions in Iraq.

Such events prove what a disturbed logic prevades the radicals of the region. A deep cycle of hate exists, and a cultural dispute between some in Islam and Western culture exists. This conflict cannot be easily won. Unlike Bush who talks of "winning the war on terrorism", no easy victory can be won on a battlefield where deep cultural divides fuel this conflict. Britain entered Iraq shortly after the WWI, and remained in a conflict in this state until the 1958 rebellion that forced British troops to leave. When America decided to enter Iraq, we have entered into a military situation that will consume America troops and cash for generations. America still has troops in Japan and Germany, years after the end of the 1945 war. And troops still remain Korea more than 50 years since the end of that conflict. The MidEast is far more unforgiving region of conflict and could well consume America lives and dollars for far more years than these other conflicts. It could become a cycle of violence with no easy end. A war without end that could make the "Hundred Years War" look short by comparison.


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