Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Run An AntiWar Website, Go To Jail

Chris Wilson, who reportedly runs a controversial antiwar adult oriented Website, Gore For Porn .com, raised the ire of the military back in September when he urged American soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan to trade photos of insurgent war dead for free access to nude photos of wives and girlfriends posted by others on Wilson's Florida based Website. Back in September, some newsouces such as CNN could not verify that the photos of insurgent dead were indeed geniune, but at least on Arab organization was outraged.

And as a form of twisted guessing game, viewers are encouraged to guess which blown off body part of a dead insurgent is displayed. With a wide range of U.S. weapons that range from a simple rifle all the way to the modern version of napalm, the 750lb., Mark 77 bomb, that is not always easy to do. Sometimes a head, leg , arm or torso is not always identifiable after a heavy duty weapon takes it's toll.

Now in Kansas, 300 misdemeanor and one felony count of obscenity distribution are being filed against Wilson because his website is available to Kansas residents and supposedly violates the community standards of one local proBush Kansas community. And because Gore For Porn.com is such a low budget Website, and Wilson has limited legal means, the 301 charges set bail so high that Wilson must remain in jail for months before his trial because his family cannot afford the high bail which is set at a minimum of $100 per charge. Even though many if not most charges may be eventually dismissed, this imprisons a man of limited legal means and helps to silence a Website that has not been yet proven to violate obscenity laws. It is a form of prior restraint against views that are in opposition to the Bush Administration.

Chris Wilson may not be Mother Teresa. And for any member of the Christian community, particiption in pornography is not preferablely a positive thing, however in a secular society, it is indeed disappointing that anyone is arrested for a Website that has taken a political line against the war, where obscentity charges are pulled out of a hat to shut down opposition to the war simply because the operator has found an offensive manner to communicate his antiwar sentiments. There are far more raunchy websites available in both the U.S. and especially in Europe, but Wilson is apparently being singled out for his political opinions and antiwar content. There is a real intent by the American government to shield U.S. citizens from the terrible photos of war. And the absurd obscenity charges appear to be a desperate measure to quell down any content that may sicken Americans that our mission in Iraq is any less bloody or harmful to many Iraqi citizens than the violence of Saddam Hussein was.

One of the standards in judging obscenity according to the 1973 Roth Supreme Court decision was that material had to be devoid of any serious scientific, political or literary value. Now it appears the standard has been moved where opposition to the Bush War in Iraq now constitutes grounds for a possible obscenity arrest or conviction in a conservative proBush community.

And since the Internet is worldwide, it is impossible for a Website to gauge the political climate of each individual communities "standards". Far more raunchy Websites are available for viewing in Kansas, but do not involve the antiwar content like Wilson includes.

And it appears that most of the content on Wilson's site is antiwar or merely nudity, not the more raunchy content of sexual activity of more outrageous Websites according to CNN or other legal status reports. I haven't even bothered to view Wilson's Website yet. I have better things to do. But it is unfortunate that some like the political right wing, Focus On The Family, the multimillion dollar proBush organization are cheering the arrest of Wilson. It is pathetic that arresting people like Wilson for his antiwar opinions is now the best defense for the continued carnage of the Iraq War, rather than an intelligent and rational reasoned discussion that the Bush supporter community can muster. How pathetic.

18 older antiwar grandmothers women who tried to enlist in the military were arrested for "disorderly conduct". Antiwar mother, Cindy Sheehan , was arrested for supposedly "blocking" the street by the White House for a protest of the Iraq War. And now, controversial adult Website operator, Chris Wilson is being handcuffed and fingerprinted for his antiwar views. Supporters of the Bush Administration lack the honesty to outrightly claim they are arresting those opposed to the antiwar views against Bush, and hide behind nonsense laws misapplied to mow down the political opposition. Apparently they believe they rule by divine law, and are above question for their mistakes like Iraq.


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